Saturday, August 09, 2008

One Of The Boys - Katy Perry

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Does it really only take a song about dissing an ex-boyfriend for being metrosexual (Ur So Gay) and one about secret sapphic lust (I Kissed A Girl) to become a star these days? Well it's certainly enough to get Perez Hilton excited and to take Katy Perry towards the top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Of course one can understand Perry's desperate sounding attempts to garner attention when one considers her childhood; the daughter of two pastors, Perry's first musical venture was a Christian gospel record, released in 2001, and indeed Gospel was the only music she was apparently allowed to listen to. Perhaps the music world would have been better if she'd taken the traditional British route of rebellion, hanging out on the street corner drinking White Lightening.

Make no bones about it, much like with Ida Maria's "naked" lyrics, Perry's global airplay has nothing to do with musical talent, more to do with the idea that her girl-on-girl imagery is funny or in someway shocking, surely passe notions in 2008. Most observers would see the song for what it is; a novelty record.

Things don't really get any better either. There's no doubting that there are a handful of catchy tunes on the album but even those are ruined beyond comprehension by inane and/or ridiculous lyrics that most of the time stirred up nothing other than complete and utter boredom for this listener.

On Fingerprints, Perry says she wants to "break the mold". She hasn't even come close. For all her record company's talk of her "zeitgeist-capturing sassiness" there's nothing on display here to suggest that she's anything other than the novelty one-hit wonder I Kissed A Girl would have you believe.

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