Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She Ain't Me - Carrie Rodriguez

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Her time on tour supporting Lucinda Williams is probably going to give you an indication of what Carrie Rodriguez sounds like. A little bit Country mixed in with other disparate influences would be a fair reading of her based on this, her second album.

Kicking off with the bluesy driven Infinite Night, it is clear that Rodriguez isn't your cookie-cutter Nashville star. It's a catchy tune, but the sheer venom in some of the lyrics certainly make you sit up and take notice. And whilst there's nothing else to quite match it, it's safe to say the album contains a few more gems.

El Savador is the song Sheryl Crow has been looking for since The Globe Sessions whilst the title track She Ain't Me is almost good enough to be on a Jenny Lewis album (high praise from me, I might add).

The only real misfire is Let Me In, where Rodriguez goes for raunch but fails to convince.

Other than that one though, the classically trained violinist Carrie Rodriguez has fashioned a very listenable album. Her pleasing slight Texan drawl draws you in and the catchy tunes keep you hooked, for the most part at least.

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