Monday, August 25, 2008

What Am I Waiting For - Heidi Newfield

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Once in a while an album appears that puts your reviewer in a quandary. I couldn't tell you that Heidi Newfield's What Am I Waiting For is a bad album, not by any means, but I also couldn't honestly tell you that I find it a great one.

Those who like the slower side of modern country will probably lap this up. It's thoughtful, contemplative and a nice enough listen. However, some will find it a little too one paced. It's bookended by two feisty numbers, Can't Let Go and Knocked Up, but large parts of what comes inbetween is deliberately slow paced. If there'd been more like Can't Let Go, I might have loved this album a little bit more but as it is, I can't attach myself to the album.

There is one exception to this. Newfield's tribute to Mr & Mrs Cash, Johnny & June is heartfelt and could almost, almost, bring a tear your eye. Somewhere, if they're listening up there, I'm sure they'd approve.

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