Saturday, August 30, 2008

Made Up Stories - Go:Audio

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The common theme in the reviews I've read seems to be that Go:Audio tread the American punk-pop sounds that are so familiar to anyone who listens to commercial radio these days. For what it is, it's not half bad.

Granted, it never comes close to threatening to be more memorable than the songs it gains its "inspiration" from but it's catchy, melodic and rocks along at a decent pace. The only thing is that it already seems out of date; it's target audience may well prove to have already moved on.

However, it's not a terrible album and anyone who likes "this kind of thing" won't be too upset by their purchase. Why anyone would NEED this album in their collection though when the likes of The Killers and Fall Out Boy do similar things a hell of a lot better is a different question entirely. But lets put it this way, it's a lot better than the likes of Scouting For Girls.

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