Sunday, August 03, 2008

Structure & Cosmetics - The Brunettes

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Sweeter than a vat of Sugar, The Brunettes hit Sub Pop for their first major release, Structure & Cosmetics. They're also unashamedly purveyors of bubbly, light and breezy pop which, I would imagine you'll generally love or hate. There's not too much room for the middle ground.

Of course I'm now going to disregard that and say that I'm somewhat in the middle. I can certainly appreciate the quirky pop melodies in songs such as Obligatory Road Song but then you come to something like Stereo (Mono Mono) and you can't decide if the twin vocals that lament the singers separation that, naturally, come at you from separate speakers are a touch of genius or a trick too far.

Fans of The Postal Service or Rilo Kiley or The Shins will probably find enough here to delight them, but I have to say that a whole helping of The Brunettes in one sitting is a little too much for my taste.

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