Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kanye West - Late Registration

As a rule, I don't particularily like rap. But every so often an absolute CHOON hits the airwaves that not even I can ignore. 2005 sees Kanye West's Gold Digger fill that spot very nicely indeed. It is without doubt one of the classic singles of the year, but it also sets an impossibly high standard for the album.

First single Diamonds From Sierra Leone was disappointing (although kudos for the Shirley Bassey sample) but Gold Digger was SO good, that I just had to check out the whole album. The immediate problem that springs to mind is the sheer amount of guest vocalists on display (heaven help us if Kanye ever teams up with Gwen Stefani for a collabortation album) with the feeling at times that Kanye is struggling to make himself heard above the crowd.

And this leads to another problem...Kanye just isn't that good at rapping. Tracks such as Touch The Sky, Drive Slow and Hey Mama are good tracks, but they would be great tracks with a better rapper.

This is a good album., but can be frustrating at times. If you're a fan of the genre then it's a must...if it's not usually your cup of tea, tread carefully and you could be rewarded.

Icon's view - 3 out of 5.

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