Monday, October 17, 2005

KT Tunstall LIVE

So for an unprecidented fourth time in one year it was time to see the Tunstall live again. Of course it should also have been the time to see Ed Harcourt live, but we managed to only get there in time to see the end of his set. Don't know what his music was like but that bird he had playing the violin seemed like proper teasely.

Still it was a good kebab (with that bloody lovely girl having her Naan bread and Chips :) ) and it was nice to briefly meet a few fellow Tunstallation Nation members in the Kro Bar. Which was a nice little bar to drink in as well.

I should point out right now that whatever I say in the next few paragraphs, I enjoyed this concert immensely. BUT, and didn't you know there was a "but" coming the whole thing seemed a little superfluous. It was essentially the same show I'd already seen twice in May although there was a new track, Drity Water, performed. This was a decent enough song, but didn't really grab me by the balls and make me love it.

Suddenly I See and Black Horse were excellent, although it seemed like many in the audience had only come along on the strength of the singles, although thankfully there seemed to be an abscence of the usual knob-jockeys in our vicinity.

Heal Over was at least better than it was in May, and Through The Dark was a nice touch. The problem for me was that apart from the odd "extended" version of a song this was a show I felt like I'd seen before. Now I know that makes me seem hypocritical after banging on about hating the "Sweet Dream" version of Heal Over, but there comes a point when overkill is reached. Once her new album comes out and she tours that then I have no doubt I'll be there, but if she does another tour before releasing any new material, I think I'll be giving that one a miss.

Oh and on a final point, kudos goes to Xavi for being the designated driver :D

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