Monday, October 10, 2005

Missy Higgins - The Sound Of White

People I "know" in this vast inter-web world wide landscape have been waxing lyrical about young Missy for absolutely ages now. So finally I decide to properly check her out.

First impressions would appear to be favourable. She's a woman. She plays the piano. So what's not to like huh? And initially on putting the album on there is a sense that we are on to a bona fide winner here.

Opening track "All For Believing" sends shivers down the spine; this is followed by "Ten Days" which is another winner although sadly it has to be said that already her Australian accent is wearing thin. Now that may seem like a triffling and somewhat baffling reason to put her down, but whilst I certainly don't mind a bit of an accent, at times Missy almost sounds as if she is a non-Australian taking the mick.

Which is a bit of shame really. Current single "Scar" is a decent enough tune, although it does seem over-produced. Missy is at her best on the sparser tracks such as "Nightminds" and "Any Day Now" which really allow her talent to shine through. The problem for me is that it all gets a bit pedestrian at times with a few too many songs all seemingly merging into one. It's only towards the end of the album, with the jazzy "This Is How It Goes" that the tempo picks up, although this is merely a prelude to more miserablism.

It sounds from the above like I hate this record, and I really don't. But whilst Missy certainly has talent, it doesn't shine through often enough on this promising but ultimately disappointing album. Still, it should ensure enough success for her to get a second stab at making the album she is clearly capable of making.

Icon's view - 2 out of 5

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