Monday, October 10, 2005

Supergrass LIVE

Well there were no hospitalisation incidents leading up to this one, so I FINALLY got to see Supergrass Live in Concert.

But the story starts a little bit earlier than that. Being that it was a Sunday, me and the Gee man decided to have a spot of jackbit prior to the gig and decided to go to Mosa Mosa Chinese restaurant. We're there, tucking into the starters when a few fellas with security laminates around their necks walk in. A bit weird to be sure but we thought no more of it...until five minutes later the one and only James Blunt walked in! Of course at first I'd only noticed the rather attractive teasely who was accompanying him :D

Still the salient points of this are that a) he's a bit of a short arse and b) he likes Chicken (he had it for starter AND main course).

Anyways, this was a new venue for a concert and I have to say that the Manchester Ritz is quite a nice little venue. The support act was on when we walked in. All I can say is that I am glad we didn't catch all of his act. He was called "Son Of Dave" and he used to be in the Crash Test Dummies. Don't bother remembering his name though, as I hardly think he'll be troubling anyone with any musical taste.

Supergrass were pretty cool though. Love the hat as well Gaz. Anyways, they rattled through most of their latest (somewhat underrated) album Road To Rouen and put in most of their biggest hits inbetween. Particular favourites were Richard III (their greatest ever song in my humble opinion), Moving and Late In The Day. They didn't however do Alright. Which is a bit like Robbie Williams not doing Angels or something. But still, although it would have been a welcome addition to the set list, its absence wasn't critical. A good effort from the boys, apart from that utterly pointless Gaz solo half way through. I could have done without that.

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