Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Laura Veirs LIVE

Oh it's always fun to go to a new venue, and on this particular occasion it was the Life Cafe in Manchester. Finding it was no problem, but parking anywhere nearby certainly was! After about half an hour of driving around we finally hit upon a place which didn't seem to far away. And it wasn't too far away although it was a rather eerie walk from the car park to the venue, and certainly one I wouldn't want to try if I was on my own.

Anyways, a nice burger and chips was procured at Squares (very tasty) and then we headed on down into the Life Cafe "Late Room." And what a nice little venue it was. There was the initial fear that we woudn't be able to see the stage once the people at the front deciced to stand up but in a nice little schiznit, they stayed sat down throughout, enabling us a very good view indeed.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the support act. His name was Karl something, and all I will say is that the Bjorn Borg look-a-like gave Mummy & Daddy and The Kills a run for their money in the "most bizarre support act ever" listings. Still, he was certainly memorable.

Imagine our horror then when the support act turned out to be one of Laura Veirs' band. But he kept himself to himself thankfully and the fun could begin. This was quite simply an excellent performance. Most of the show was based around the recent Year Of Meteors album, and as that is a bloody cracker, so was the show.

Highlights were stunning versions of "Galaxies", "Cool Water" and "Spelunking" (which as it is about Caving saw Laura and her band sporting headlamps whilst the lights were turned down completey.

I should also mention the magical "galaxy dust" that Laura passed around and told us to spread on our faces. Yes, I am a muppet so I did as she requested. Still it was funny.

All in all this was a wonderful concert. Laura may be a little too much "out there" to ever gain the recognition and success she deserves, but on nights like this that really doesn't matter.

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