Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Automatic LIVE

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Well it was Super League grand final night, so of course I must have been in Manchester at a concert. Of course Wigan Warriors weren't in action so there was no need to miss the concert. (If Wigan ever get to the final, I don't care if it's a Girls Aloud/The Like/Jenny Lewis triple bill, the Rugby comes first).

After procuring a massive £4 for our spare ticket, for once we stalked some MALE celebrity's in that Hot Chip walked into the pub. Clearly not impressed by the Gee man saying "there's something going down here. There's a guy in a Maroon 5 coat and a *beep* with stupid trousers on" they'd probably have been even less impressed that we weren't watching them, but were watching The Automatic instead.

Getting to the venue at just before 10 (we'd timed it to miss the support acts) the first thought was that we were about 10 years too old for the concert. Looks like my album review (where I said if i was in my mid-teens The Automatic would probably sound like the coolest thing in the work) was right.

Points to consider;

* that little bloke who shouts a lot really should calm down a little.
* although Monster and Recover are their best songs, they sounded, well, less good in the live environment.
* they really shouldn't play Monster half way through their set as, quite literally, about 50 people left as soon as they'd done that.
* although the flute-playing in the cover of Kanye West's Golddigger was funny, the fact that the little bloke who shouts a lot did all the "rapping" meant that the end result was something that only just missed out on claiming "The Worst Song Ever" from that Bodyrockers I Like The Way You Move.

That all said, I quite enjoyed myself. Allthough that might have been the five pints of Stella taking effect.

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