Monday, October 16, 2006

Single Releases 16/10/06

Oh it's the most joyous of days. Can there have ever been a more exciting week of singles releases for me given that both Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys have new singles out this week?

Something Kinda Ooh is, of course, quite brilliant. It's only about the 6th best single they've ever done but that does of course make it better than anything in the All Saints back catalogue. (Please, All Saints fans, don't e-mail me complaining because you know deep down I'm right). Although let's be fair, the video to it is absolutely rubbish.

Numb is a bit of a weird one. I seem to recall at the time of the Fundamental review saying that this was the "odd one out" on that album, but clearly now it's better than Casanova In Hell (which in retrospect is a bit, well, crap). I do feel they've missed a trick given that they should let a video be shown to World Cup Highlights of England being crap. Hell, they've got even more footage of the ilk in the bag now haven't they? Anyway, I kinda like the track now, but let's be honest, Integral would have been better.

Of course my joyous mood can't last can it? But there are a few good ones in the ratbag of singles out this week. Well, ok a few ones that are quite good.

I hated that Voodoo Child song by Rogue Traders. But law 3458b of the Pop-Star manual decrees that any song which "re-appropriates" The Knack's classic My Sharona must be at least quite good. Watching You takes that riff and proves that rule. Even if the result isn't as good, naturally, as No Good Advice. (As an aside one of the urchins who used to be in One True Voice has gone the whole hog and done a cover of My Sharona, and even that's not as bad as anything he does should be).

The Ordinary Boys have finally come back with something new...and surprise surprise good old Preston is moaning about fame. That said, despite me thinking it was absolutely rubbish when I first heard it, it's alright now. Nothing earth-shattering, but groovy enough.

The other big pop-comeback of the week belongs to Meatloaf. And yes "Meat", we know your Bat Out Of Hell buddy Jim Steinman wrote this, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a Celine Dion song. There's no need. Hardly bodes well for Bat Out Of Hell 3 does it?

There's a plethora of "urban" out this week too. Lloyd Banks ft 50 Cent, TI Ft. Jamie Foxx and Ciara ft Chamillionaire are all much of a muchness, but Dab Hands breaks the mold with Do Your Own Thing (which I don't think is the Ian Wright song). Yes, as most people point out, it's all a little Gnarls Barkley, but still, it's a good song.

I was frightened to listen to the Sleepy Jackson song I Understand What You Want I Just Don't Agree as there is no-way the song could be as good as it's title. It isn't, but it is still worth a listen.

As for James Morrison, well I'm going to pretend he doesn't exist, and then he might disappear.

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