Monday, October 23, 2006

Single Releases 23/10/06

Well I'll contain my excitement that there are THREE albums out today with PSB connections to them(all will be reviewed in due course) to concentrate on the singles.

The great news is that Something Kinda Ooh went TOP 5 on downloads alone. Which may make it the most successful "downloads only" entry by a British act. But don't quote me on that.

Anyway, on with the parade.

McFly are back this week and really you wish they hadn't bothered. Every one except me seemed to detest that "Please Please" one they did, but even the haters would have to admit that that was a hell of a lot better than Star Girl is. Still it's just about jolly enough to not be completely pointless.

There is big "boy band" competition this week from Upper Street; you know the blokes who all used to be in other boy bands and who got rid of that Lee from Steps because he was basically crap. Which says a lot for Dane Bowers and that bloke from 911's powers of integration. I wouldn't want to meet that NKOTB fella in a dark alleyway, so I'll whisper it quietly that this song is pretty crap (although to be fair, not nearly as crap as it should be by rights).

The Kooks also deliver up another slice of their quirky pop this week. Ooh La is another one of those fairly decent songs ruined by the fact that that Luke fella is a bit of a nob. Still, it's better than Razorlight isn't it?

Two top R'n'B diva's collide this week as Cassie releases Long Way 2 Go and Beyonce unleashes Irreplaceable. Cassie is what you'd expect, but I don't care that all you people seem to hate Beyonce, because I think her new album is quite wonderful (as far as these things go) and this new single is quite good too.

It's certainly better than Rhianna's new one. As popjustice put it so neatly, three songs in and we're at the crap. Mind you, I hated that Unfaithful as well so what would I know?

The Long Blondes on the other hand are the new Pulp (and I will get around to re-reviewing their re-released albums at some point). Sure that might be "lazy" journalism, but what else can I say? They're that good, no question. Once And Never Again would be worth it for the "Oh how I'd love to feel a girl your age" line alone, but it also happens to be bloody brilliant.

That Fedde Le Grand thing is very annoying.

The Raconteurs is a bit rubbish too.

And as for Moby, well he's just being lazy on his latest effort isn't he?

Finally we get onto two singles where I feel I will be in a minority (possibly of one). I of course refer to Amy Winehouse and The Magic Numbers. I kinda like Rehab I must say but don't really think it's all that brilliant. My problem revolves around the fact that if she was a "less serious" artist, this 60's sound would be seen as her ripping off another sound rather than a nice stab at reinventing it. But maybe that's my hang up. I'd listen to the song on the radio, but don't think I'd buy it. As for Take A Chance...well I'm sure the multitude of Magic Numbers fans will love it, but second time around I've even less of a clue as to how they've made it so big.

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