Monday, October 09, 2006

Single Releases 09/10/06

Oh dear, there is some real turkey's out this week.

To wit, My Chemical Romance "return" with Welcome to the Black Parade...and to think that I thought Razorlight's America was as bad as it could possibly get. This may well be the most insane single of the year, and I don't mean that in a good way. There's only one thing you can think of when you hear this and its "why?" As in why did someone not stop this from ever reaching our ears?

Of course things don't get better from there for a while. Beatfreakz hit us with Superfreak and that old adage that "anyone who uses a Z instead of an S for a plural is not worth your time" is proved true. (And yes, I am aware there are some exceptions - particularily in the Tunstallation Nation - but for the most part it stands true). If you must listen to something, listen to the Rick James, or even the MC Hammer, track that "inspired" this, just don't listen to this. Please.

Things get slightly better with Meds by Placebo (and haven't I reviewed this before?). I still think the lyrics are a bit laughable but then I think that about most Placebo songs. And still I quite like them. So there.

You have to appreciate the irony of Hot Chip's Over & Over getting a re-release, but then it is a bloody fantastic tune (and was my pick in the Popjustice £20 Award thing) and I hope it's a big hit. Seriously, if you haven't heard this one yet where on earth have you been for the past six months?

Also great this week is the new Beck tune, Cellphone's Dead. The fact that there is a woman wearing work-out gear and waving her arms about in the video (a la those chicks in the Loser video) should tell you where Beck is coming from on this album and I for one am glad we're getting more of the low-fi, slacker Beck. I love this tune more that I've loved anything he's done since Odelay. One by one, I'll knock you out.

Corinne Bailey Rae tries a Hot Chip move as well this week, re-releasing her best track Like A Star, which like Over & Over only just cracked the lower extremeties of the Top 40 in it's previous incarnation. I like it, but I also think it's her best song by far. More like this next time round please Corinne.

If you like Badly Drawn Boy then you'll probably love his new single Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind. If you dont' like BDB you probably won't. I occasionally like BDB. This is not one of those occasions.

The Webb Sisters try to keep themselves in the public eye with Still The Only One. I quite like the Webb Sisters and this is quite good. But ladies, it's just not working is it?

Duke Special hits the singles this week as well. I don't know if Last Night I Nearly Died (But Woke Up Just In Time) is available on an old 78 like some of his other stuff, but it wouldn't surprise me. Sadly on record, Duke Special never sounds quite as good as he does live. But if you are going to see the Divine Comedy on their November UK tour, get there early as Duke Special provides the support, and he's well worth it.

I felt sure there must be an error when I saw "Jurassic 5 ft. Dave Matthews Band" on the singles release list. But apparently it's true. But I have to admit I haven't heard it, so I think we'll just call it a day right there.

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