Monday, October 02, 2006

Singles Releases 02/10/06

Into October now and a real mix of single releases this week.

We might as well start off with Nerina Pallot. Yes, I am biased but Sophia is wonderful. If you don't believe me look at the Top Of The Pops website, where it got 5 stars. It is one of my favourite tracks of her's and I, well, just love it. Buy it today.

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Yes, I am biased but Razorlight are a bit crap. It's not just the fact that if you wanted some DNA to create a pompous but boring rock front-man you'd take a slice of Johnny Borrell but their songs are a bit rubbish as well. (To be fair though, I did like that "Somewhere Else"). None however has been quite as excruciatingly crap as America. Johnny, you're not espousing clever political viewpoints mate, you're taking the word America, and repeating it a lot. Let's face it, as if the first bit of the chorus wasn't bad enough, when he starts to go "la la la....America" you have to realise that he has nothing to say. Which is perhaps the worst thing that could possibly happen for Johnny. Still, Edith Bowman will continue to tell the world how great it is, so I don't suppose my rant will do too much harm.

P Diddy (can we still call him that?) teams up with Pussycat Nicole. It's the best he's come up with for quite some time so kudos for that. Still, it's not brilliant is it?

There's more "urban" out this week as well. Yummy Bingham advises us to "Come Get It" and you'd be advised to check it out if R'n'B is your kind of thing. Obviously I mean modern America's R'n'B, not the Chuck Berry rhythm and blues kind of R'n'B. Don't, on the other hand, bother with Nee-Yo. Still at least Stay is a bit more up-tempo than his usual drivel.

When The Night Feels My Song by Bedouin Soundclash gets a re-release due to it being in some advert or something. Sadly I can't remember which advert it's from when listening to the song, but neither do I recognise the song when I see the advert. Which means that this reggae-lite tune is most certainly not my thing, but it does exude a certain charm.

A hell of a lot louder is Anthem (We Are The Fire) by Trivium. If you religiously read Kerrang magazine then you'll probably love this.

Prize for getting the most artists you've never heard of on one track this week goes to Bob Sinclar & Cutee B ft. Dollarman & Big Ali. Like Real2Reel (or was it Reel2Real?) mixed with that "Everybody Dance now" or something. Erm, it's passable in it's own way I suppose.

Make Out Fall Out Make Up by Love Is All is one of those half and half tunes which is good without being great. However, I simply can't stop listening to the ever so slightly out of tune boy-girl chorus. I've said it before and I will say it again, but rock bands should make more use of boy-girl singing.

I can't believe I've got this far without tackling The Hoff's Jump In My Car. Ok, so it's naff, but it's supposed to be. I for one hope that this gets to number 1 (I say that knowing full well that Nerina Pallot has no chance of getting to number one herself) not just because I think it's funny but because people will decry the British music charts again if it does , and that always amuses me. And come on folks, it's THE HOFF!

And The Hoff is better than Gina G, who attempts comeback #567 this week with Tonight's The Night. No Gina, it's not.

Whisper it quietly, but I quite like the new one from The Vines as well.

I'm also led to beliecve that From Atlantis To Interzone by the Klaxons is out. It is, pardon my french, a bloody great tune. Rave goes rock or something. Exhillarating.

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