Monday, October 30, 2006

Single Releases 30/10/06

What a varied bunch we have this week again.

We'll kick off with Jamiroquai, although heaven knows why. They've (or he's) made a career out of a fast song and a slow song (except for their rather superb debut album) and this is exactly what you'd expect from them (or him). So really your opinion of this depends on your opinion of them (or him).

Talking of forever sounding the same, Keane have a new one out this week. If I'm going to believe the people who tell me that some of their album sounds different, they're going to have to prove it by releasing a single that has something different about it.

The Decision by The Young Knives on the other hand is rather wonderful, if only for the "I'm the Prince Of Wales, I'm the Prince Of Wales. And if all else fails, I am the Prince of Wales" lyric. Wonderfully kooky video to this one too.

Nicole Scherzinger continues her quest to be on a different single every week for a year by popping up to help Avant with Lie About Us. It's better than her P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Diddy/Daddy/Sean Combs/Pimp Puffy collaboration anyway. I just hope they're getting all this R'n'B stuff out of her system before the next Pussycat Dolls album.

"Former" "stars" Simon Webbe and Alesha hit the comeback trail again this week. Webbe's "Coming Around Again" is every bit as dull as his other solo efforts (so therefore Radio 2 will love it and it will be a huge hit) whilst Alesha (who you may remember as the one with Tourette's from Mis-Teeq) hits us with "Knock Down" which is every bit as unmemorable as that last one she did. I don't care what Popjustice tells me, Alesha is not very good.

If you want better "pop" then you will do well to check out Cansei de ser Sexy (or CSS for those of you who can't speak French). Even though Alala isn't their best, it's still good and they seem destined to be the greatest pop act since Annie not to have a hit of any real description in this country.

The Gossip try to keep up the pop end of the spectrum as well with the rather good Standing In The Way Of Control, whilst the Klaxons continue their rave/rock thing with Magick. Which is also rather good (although I have to say it's not quite the "choon" that From Atlantis To Interzone is).

If you can notice any discernable difference between Panic! At The Disco and Paramore then please let me know, although I have to say that the P!ATD one isn't too bad, as these things go.

That new Basement Jaxx one is mad...but good.

Once again I implore the record buying public to ignore the fact that Sean Paul has a new one out.

Tenacious D plumb new depths of stupidity with a song about their movie, Pick Of Destiny. It's a laugh when you've had a few but why anyone would want to listen to it again is beyond me.

The Good, The Bad & The Queen are Damon Albarn's new boys but sadly it's not the most auspicious of starts.

And Cat Stevens returns with a new name and a new album. The first song off it, Heaven, is pleasant enough but hardly worth the wait. Just don't expect an American tour.

Finally we get to the Babyshambles with a cover of Janie Jones, only notable for the fact that Carl Barat makes an appearance on it as well. Still, I shall leave the final point on this one to my lovely Nadine....

Coyle, meanwhile, is more perplexed by the nature of Doherty’s “gift” . “He’s supposed to be this musical genius, but has anyone heard him sing? I’ve heard a Babyshambles album and it was like, ‘What am I listening to?’ We could make a record that sounded like that, but could he make one that sounded like us?”
I think I love her even more now.

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