Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Divine Comedy LIVE

So back it was on the East-Lancs road. Poolstock was so ram-packed that I didn't even make it to that road as I took another route which wasn't quite so packed. I know, your're thinking to yourself, "why doesn't he always go that other way then", but believe me folks, its not that simple.

So to the Oxford it was. They told me they had no Magners when it was clear there were at least 15 bottles of it on the shelf. I didn't cause a scene though, and it was perhaps as well because by the time I'd got off the Stella's and had me some Coca-Cola, I ended up winning two prizes in the World Cup draw; a whistle and a rattle. COME ON INGERLUND!!!!

Anyway, we got to the venue just in time to miss the support act and that was ram-packed too. Despite having the bastard child of the Kooks and the Flaming Lips in front of me, I could occasionally see the stage. Not that that really mattered though for two reasons; a) it wasn't teasely so who cares about the view and b) the music was that good that it made no difference!

I suppose you can say it's a sign of quality when a concert filled with "new" tracks is still brilliant. Occasionally, as on record, the songs drifted off course a little too much but new songs such as Diva Lady, A Lady Of A Certain Age and To Die A Virgin are instant Neil Hannon classics. Add those to some earlier classics (including the incomparable Something For The Weekend) and you have a great night of poptastic fun. When Mr Hannon is on form like this, he's irresistable.

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