Monday, May 22, 2006

The Like LIVE

Thankfully the vestiges of the Big Run had cleared and it was a painless trip to Manchester for the first concert of the mad fortnight.

A quick walk to the venue to see what time The Like were on was a waste of time due to the fact that there were no signs up but the walk back to the Oxford did gain us yet another Moso Moso celebrity spotting. Yes, the lovely Tennessee and Charlotte were obvioulsy going over for some stewed bean curd or something. We didn't go over to them (not least because I wasn't drunk yet) although Daz Sampson did try and thrust his miniscule Like badge in their general direction hoping they would notice....they didn't.

After getting caned on the golf game at the pub (losing all three rounds) it was gone seven o'clock and I thought we'd better check if the times were up at the venue yet. And a good bloody job it was too that we did check seeing that The Like were on at the terribly early time of 7.15pm.

I'd not even returned from the pisser by the time they were on stage, and it seemed that there were about 4 of us in the audience who actually knew who the girls were. A fact that actually got us recognition from Charlotte herself. There was some dude at the front bopping up and down, who she thanked for knowing who they were, and then when Gee and I waved as well, she said hello to us. Sure it's not quite up there with Courtney Cox in that Springsteen video, but I'll take it.

The set was short (half an hour or so) and they didn't do my favourite (Too Late) but it was a good little show as you would expect.

Of course we had to stick around afterwards to try and get our bits and pieces signed but it wasn't looking good. Thankfully I didn't listen to Gee and leave once the second support act came on because there was the lovely Tennessee at the bar living out some Artic Monkeys fantasy by having a Smirnoff Ice. Which she paid for herself may I add!

Anyways, I went over and asked her to sign my CD booklets and then she went off in search of Z-Berg to do the same, but Z was busy being chatted up by the Gee. Then there was the comedy of Gee's fancy new gold pen being rubbish. Ok, it wasn't rubbish and just needed some work to get it going, but after the story of how Gee was so glad he'd unwrapped these bloody pens before taking them to the concert, it was funny to see that he'd forgotten to check the working parts of the pen beforehand.

Of course, this was The Like so the pen-related buffoonery didn't stop there. More and more people came up to Z-Berg (Tennesse had buggered off by this point) to ask her to sign stuff, but I seemed to be the only person within a 10 mile radius to actually have a pen worthy of the job. So there was the repeated hilarity of Z keeping coming up to me asking me for my pen and giving me the kind of fluttering eyelashes look that sends me weak at the knees.

Then it was time for the picture, and all credit to the Gee for ONCE AGAIN managing to not work my camera properly first time around which meant more quality time with my arms around a nice young lady. Although once again as you can see below, I look like a complete and utter gifford.

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So that was that, back home for just after half 9 after a good fun night out. Roll on next week, "upstairs" if you will.....

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