Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Single Releases 15/05/06

There's very little of any worth out this week so whilst for once I have the time to do lengthy reviews in this section, I really don't have the inspiration in front of me to do so. So this will be short and sweet.

What I Say And What I Mean (The Like) - What more can I say? The Like are officially AWESOME, and this is their best tune. You really should buy it.

Bright Idea (Orson) - Next time you ponder on the greatness of Myspace as a way for new talent to break through, please remember that Myspace was also largely responsible for publicising this load of old crap. Orson? Orfull more like it...

Touch It (Busta Rhymes) - Someone has forgotten the tune methinks.

First Time (Sunbock) - An 80's tune revisited, with a video resplendent with huge breasted women bouncing about...am I the only one getting sick of things like this these days?

Say I (Christina Milian) - Ha ha ha ha. "I'm Gangsta Me, honest." Sure you are love...sure you are. Still you can't sell any records as an R'n'B-lite nymph so you might as well have a crack at this.

Throw It All Away (Zero 7) - Pleasant, but hardly memorable.

The Adventure (Angels And Airwaves) - Blink 182 fella joins forces with some other less well known "superstars" to come up with the kind of thing that The Darkness might come up with if they weren't such a joke.

Whoa' (Lil Kim) - Proof posititve that a glossy makeover (or in this case an Anne Robinson style reconstruction) and a tit job aren't just ways of making it in the "pop" industry. You can also carve out an R'n'B/Rap career out of those ammendments as well. Well, inbetween your stints in prison of course.

The Great Escape (Morning Runner) - Despite having listened to this about two minutes ago, I can't remember what it sounds like.

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