Saturday, May 06, 2006

Metric - Live It Out

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I don't know much about Metric (not a surprising admission as this album was out at the back end of 2005) but I recently caught the rather barmy video for Monster Hospital on MTV2 and it stuck in my head. Then a couple of weeks later I was flicking through the music channels and happened upon MTV Dance, which were playing a different Metric song which sounded nothing like the afformentioned MH.

Now that little story in its own way tells you quite a lot about Metric. "Heavy" and indie enough to get on the MTV2 playlist, but upbeat and "dancey" enough to get onto MTV Dance. Now this may in itself sound like a horrifying melange, but don't worry...the end result is pretty bloody spectacular.

Take opening track Empty for instance; for the first two minutes or so it's what you could call a synth "mood" piece but then, without much warning, grunge guitars kick in and the whole thing is taken up about three hundred notches in one easy manouever.

And from there, things stay very high on the quality-o-meter. Highlights for me include Poster Of A Girl and Glass Ceiling, but in all honesty its hard to identify a real duff track.

Whilst never quite as clever as it thinks it is, this is still a great album to, you know, dance to. A rock band not afraid to have fun...whatever next? Maybe there is hope after all.

And of course, it doesn't hurt that lead singer Emily Haines is quite the star-in-the making.

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