Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MORE Pet Shop Boys

I know, I know. You're getting bored of all this PSB talk (don't worry, there's only a couple of weeks left to the album now) but I've just had a sneaky peak of a couple of album tracks from Fundamental.

The Sodom & Gomorrah Show is the kind of track that is everything Release could have been instead of the slightly dull album it turned out to be. Sun, sex and sin indeed!

Integral is a bit like I'm With Stupid in the sense that it's definately got that 80's feel to it, which is no bad thing when the track is as good as it is. In fact if you ask me, they'll be mad not to release this as a single (although it is true that Minimal has been confirmed as single number 2) as it is that good.

So that's three of the best tracks they've done in a decade already! :D

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