Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Single Releases 22/05/06

What a decent week for singles this is folks.

Everybody's Gone To War (Nerina Pallot) - Not only is this a brilliant song and well worthy of the great success it's surely going to have, it also brings a nice warm feeling to my heart. I've liked Nerina since her first album totally and utterly bombed, so seeing this chart highly (Top 20 according to early estimates) will fill me utterly with joy; joy of a kind not witnessed since the clamour for her CD's at that Suzanne Vega concert. Plus, they quoted me on the TOTP website about this. "Single of the week by miles".

Up All Night (Matt Willis) - So the fat one (was he even fat? I don't think he was was he) decided to do exactly the same type of music with Son Of Dork....the posh Tory voting one thought he was being cool by doing all his death metal noise stuff...so what is left for the other one. Well on the basis of this he may just be the one who "does a Robbie" and leaves the others for dead.

Nine 2 Five (The Ordinary Boys ft. Lady Sovereign)- Look, I still think that Preston is a bit of a nob, but he's giving Lady Sov a bit of a boost which is fine by me. Even if Lily Allen makes Lady Sov look rubbish, I still like her. And I like this tune too if you take the pointless extra verse off where young Prezza is moaning.

The Otherside (Breaks Co-Op) - Journalist integrity goes out the window here. Zane Lowe has something to do with him, and if there is one man I hate on this planet, well let's just say he's right up there.

Girlfriend (The Darkness) - Aww, bless em. Still trying to make a go of it. You have to admire a tryer, even if what they are trying with is a great big fat slice of sub-par Bon Jovi mediocrity.

Sin Sin Sin (Robbie Williams) - This is the sort of thing that will tide him over very nicely until he does that album with the Pet Shop Boys that he keeps threatening to do. Go on Robbie, you know it makes sense.

Fill My Little World (The Feeling) - Sorry I just don't see why these guys are getting the critical acclaim that they are. They're just dull.

Upside Down (Jack Johnson) - Speaking of critical acclaim I can't understand here is Jack Johnson. He's dull. He's a one trick pony. Why bother listening to any more than one of his songs?

Country Girl (Primal Scream) - AKA the sound of Bobby Gillespie on auto-pilot. The video and song remind me of a Rolling Stones late 90's effort, and that was crap too.

I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (Sandi Thom) - I'm a bit put-off by the whole "concerts in the bedroom" thing (or was it basements, I forget) because whilst a smart marketing move, does it really make the music any more worthy? The answer is no. This is a decent enough tune, but there are far better "undiscovered" acts out there.

Skip To The End (The Futureheads) - And that's what I did.

You Can't Fool Me Dennis (The Mystery Jets) - No you can't Dennis. You may wish me to dimiss this tune but I'm not going to. This is actually shockingly decent.

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