Sunday, September 10, 2006

Grow Up And Blow Away - Metric

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Sod the fact I could review the Justin Timberlake album before it's out, if I'm going to show off I am going to review this album, not due out until 2007! And it also gives me the opportunity to post another picture of my new favourite lady Emily Haines.

Ok so that's a slightly misleading statement; yes it is due for release in 2007, but it was actually recorded in 2001. I have no real idea why it never saw the light of day back then, but that's by the by isn't it. What's it like is the only question.

And actually it's not bad at all. It's got a distinctly more "electro" and less "rock" sound than its official follow up's, although this is not that surprisingly, coming as it does from a time when there were only two members of the band.

In fact it's almost more like The Cardigans than anything you might expect Metric:V2 to make, but its no less alluring for all that.

In fact, I'd probably go as far as to say that whilst it perhaps lacks the stand out moment of a, say, Monster Hospital or Combat Baby, as a whole it may well be their strongest collection.

It's basically Metric as you know them without the loud guitars. So if you find their more electronic and introspective moments the highlights of their two subsequent albums then you should definately take steps to check this out. If, on the other hand, you're attracted to Metric for the loud noise, you may be disappointed with his mellow collection.

Either way, in my opinion its deserving of the wider audience it is soon to get.

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