Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Pipettes LIVE

I love the Pipettes so much that I took the day off work to make sure I could get there in plenty of time to grab a spot at the front. Ok, so that didn't quite work, but we were only about the 3rd row back or so, so all is good. It did mean sitting through 2 support acts (and staying in the same standing place for over 3 hours) but only on two occasions did I get into anything approaching a "fight".

The first support act was a group of Chelsea players disguised as a band called edgar prais. Ok so it probably wasn't Joe Cole on lead vocals or Glen Johnson on bass and it alsmost certainly wasn't Arjen Robben on drums, but they did look like them. They were OK, although the fact that every song seemed to be about drinking didn't really bode well.

Next up was the Hot Puppies, led by what could have been Nerina Pallot's little sister. (Ok, so I'm getting a bit stupid on this score now, but that's what I thought). They were actually quite good; good enough for me to probably buy their album at some point. They were also quite funny, which is always a bonus.

Anyways, so finally it was onto the Pipettes...and what can I say other than The Pipettes may be THE greatest single musical invention of all time. They are quite simply brilliant. Ok, so I am in love with Ros-ay, but this is not me being biased (well, ok, maybe just a little) but the Pipettes are just awesome. I should also point out that before the Pipettes came on, as eveyone was shouting "Gwenno" or whatever, I decided to shout "Frank" and some people joined in. So there.

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From start to finish this was just brilliant. Even the b-sides and the new tracks that most people didn't know were met with raptuous applause, and rightly so. I told you all before that they should have won the Mercury Music Prize and I would stand by that. After this show they should win every kind of award going. The highlights are just too numerous to mention, but if pushed special credit would have to go to Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me, ABC and We Are The Pipettes.

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And if all that wasn't great enough, they even did the School Uniform song to finish up, which was the perfect end to a perfect evening's entertainment. This is right up there with Jenny Lewis as the best concert I've seen this year. Hell, this is right up there as one of the best concerts I've ever seen!!!

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And one final point; my digital camera is rubbish. It did seem to have a Gwenno fetish though as the only pictures that have come close to being alright are the ones of Gwenno, and as you will have seen throughout this review even those ones are crap.

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