Monday, September 25, 2006

Single Releases 25/09/06

Well, here we go again.

The best single of the week is Judy by The Pipettes. And that's a good thing indeed considering there are quite a few good singles out this week. Anyway, if you buy a single this week, make it the Pipettes.

Ok so the Pussycat Dolls single is out this week. Whatever, it's still fantastic.

So is Lil Chris. Forget the fact he's about 3' 2", its quite a quality pop-rock tune. Of course because he won Rock School or something, some people won't like him purely on that basis, but since when has that ever bothered me. Music can be fun people.

Esrtwhile libertines Carl Barat and Pete Doherty are at it again this week. Carl's Dirty Pretty Things hit us with Wondering which is decent without being brilliant. Still if Mr Moss had done it I suppose we'd be proclaiming its genius. Pete teams up with The Streets to add some grit to Prangin' Out. Problem is, Pete's a bit of joke and this in turn means that the lyrics he adds which are no doubt meant to be either harrowing and/or a bit mean actually make me laugh. Pete's problems are not a laughing matter I suppose, but he kinda forefits any sympathy from me I'm afraid.

The "Female Mike Skinner" is back too, as Lily Allen re-releases LDN. It's still a winner folks.

If I had a pound for every woman I've loved who I could have said Call Me When You're Sober to I'd probably have enough for an extra value meal at McDonalds by now. All you really need to know is that it's the new single from Evanescence; if that thought fills you with delight you will enjoy this, if not then I'd advise you to give it a miss. Me, I'm not fussed either way.

Paulo Nutini tries to win favour with me this week by releasing Jenny Don't Be Hasty, although to be honest that's probably the last thing I would say to a Jenny, but we'll leave that there before this week's reviews turn into a "women I've loved and lost" lament. It's better than I'd expect one of his songs to be, but it's all a bit laughable.

Speaking of laughable, Simply Red are back with Oh! What A Girl. It's only a matter of time before this ends up on his next "free with the sunday papers" CD.

And please folks, whilst we are at it, don't let the funny video fool you. Here It Goes Again by Ok Go is not a great song. In fact it's not as good as this week's other American pop-rock offering, It Ends Tonigh, by All American Rejects. But still, I suspect which song will have the better chart placing (HINT - It's the one with the funny video).

Leann Rimes & Brian McFadden is surely a musical combination you've just been dying to see together isn't it? What's that? No? Anyway, it perhaps signals that McFadden has realised that trying to be the new Robbie was never going to work. What a pity that instead of giving up entirely he decided to try and become the new Ronan. Still even though Delta Goodrem is a modern woman, I suspect she'll expect old fatso to pay his share of the bills.

You all ignored me I know when I "bigged up" the prospects of the Victorian English Gentleman's Club, but they have a good single out this week. Impossible Sightings Over Shelton isn't the best they've got, but it's still good.

Finally old group superstars James Dean Bradfield (The Manics) and, err, Letoya (Destiny's Child apparently) also give us solo efforts this week. Much like the Ok Go/All American Rejects thing one of these songs is better than the other by quite some way but it's going to be the crap one that gets the highest chart placings.

Anyway, that's it. If I never post on this blog again it's probably because I've run off with Ros-ay Pipette tonight. So with that in mind, I'll see you for the review of that concert tommorrow....

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