Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Single Releases 18/09/06

Oh joy of joys. We have a week where Keisha White attempts again to make it (she won't), where Papa Roach make a comeback (and sound just as dreadful as they ever did) and that well known "Rembrandt" of the musical world (thank you for nothing Richard Branson) Janet Jackson returns with another awful tune. You would think that by now she had run out of awful tunes.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Killers are back this week with When You Were Young, which at least will enable me to give an outburst of "he doesn't look a thing like Jenas" when Pascal Chimbonda scores his first goal for Spurs. Seriously though, I like it. I am fully prepared however for once again to be underwhelmed by the album, but who knows this time they might surprise me.

It's a big week for "The" bands as well. The Zutons hit us with Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!) which is another one of those which everyone seems to be raving about whilst I merely think it's "ok". The Automatic give us Recover, which is a lot like Monster, but not as good (believe me folks, there are some better songs on the album than this). The Datsuns come back with System Overload, which is pretty much like everything they do; that is, it's alright, but not great.

Jet make their return to. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is is decent enough, but I still think they're mere show-ponies. Yeah go on Jet fans, do your worst.

And speaking of which, surely someone will realise that Wolfmother actually aren't all that good any moment soon.

Elusive by Scott Matthews is something a little bit different. Delicious in a very understated way. Still, it's not going to be a hit is it?

Apparently the Pussycat Dolls I Don't Need A Man might be out this week; if it is, it's fantastic. It's like someone has realised that it would be genius if they did a song without Snoop Dog/Busta Rhymes/Will.I.Am/Big Poppa Gee ruining it.

And finally, I've never even heard of Slut by Dennis Christopher feat. Tony Cha Cha Cha, but how can it not be absolutely genius?

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