Saturday, September 09, 2006

Liberation Transmission - Lostprophets

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It always amazes me how much critical acclaim these Welsh boys get from certain quarters. It's not that I think they are a bad act (far from it) but lets face it, they are in certain respects nothing but a boyband. Just witness the focus on just what hairstyle the lead singer will unveil. I can imagine quite a few teenage girls getting moist for him as well.

Yet the NME and Kerrang, hardly known for their diposition to that kind of thing seem to ignore that side of the band given their penchant for loud, rocking tunes even though, as their career has progressed, the band's sound has become more and more "commercial" and radio-friendly. Still, the lack of a huge hit single has kept a little of the mystique of the band intact and given them that underground feel that their album successes would otherwise negate.

This is definately their catchiest effort yet although there is little that matches the standout tracks from their previous albums. But as a coherent whole this is definately the one. It's catchy in the right places, with memorable choruses following memorable riffs.

Sure, lyrically it's all a little "problem page/agony aunt" at times but for the main part the tunes are enough to carry it.

Standouts include Can't Stop, Gotta Date With Hate, Heaven For The Weather Hell For The Company and latest single A Town Called Hypocrisy which all chug along to great sing-a-long effect.

The problem is that over a whole album it all gets a little bit samey and there is little of the invention the band showed on the likes of Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja. So really whilst this is designed on every level to be a "big-seller" it may well lose the Lostprophets the love of the "rock" crowd that brought them to this spot in the first place. So really, whilst the adjectives for this album would undoubtedly be "safe" and "commercial" it represents a degree of risk in the potential to alienate their previous audience. Still on it's own merits this is a good, if not great, record that may well bring them the success they so obviously desire.

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