Friday, August 31, 2007

Because I'm Awesome - The Dollyrots

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If only for the title alone, title track Because I'm Awesome would be, well, awesome. That it's also three and a half minutes of minor punk-pop genius. An instantly memorable riff coupled with an addictive chorus equals a brilliant pop tune.

So far so good. But then something strange happens. Track 2, My Best Friend's Hot transcends it's cringeworthy title to be also be a very good song as well. It's not that far removed from its immediate predecessor in terms of style and sound but it has an addictive energy and charm that is difficult to ignore.

And that pattern pretty much carries on throughout the album. It's not earth shatteringly different at any point but does what it sets out to do very well indeed. Most songs offer a catchy and thoroughly "sing-a-longable" chorus in the vein of an Avril Lavigne (when she's not being a miserable mardy bitch) or Joan Jett (which isn't too much of a surprise as it's released on her own Blackheart Record label). This is fun, jaunty pop music which delights and offers up a hell of a lot of fun despite it's glaringly obvious lack of originality.

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