Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Our Bedroom After The War - Stars

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Stars' last album, Set Yourself On Fire, was sublime (the 17th best album of 2007 if you listen to some people....) which immediately brings up, shall we say, issues with the follow up before you've even put it in the CD player. Can In Our Bedroom After The War live up to it's predecessor? Will it offer anything new to the Stars experience?

Well as ever the answer isn't clear cut. It's probably not the work of outright genius that SYOF was but it's still a very good record. And whilst it probably isn't a huge sonic leap forward from that album, if the thing's not broke why bother fixing it?

Indeed lyrically the album concerns pretty much the same themes of love, both lost and won. Having said that, there aren't many songs like Personal in the rock cannon (concerning the tale of a couple who meet through an online dating agency but never meet because when the man gets the woman's picture he decides she's too heavy).

Still if such heartbreaking moments aren't for you, there is still plenty of opportunity to "rock out" to the likes of Bitches In Tokyo.

It's the slower moments, such as the sublime My Favourite Book, that grabbed me the most and although the album will inevitably lose in comparisons to Set Yourself On Fire in some senses, we shouldn't forget that In Our Bedroom After The War is a grand album in it's own right; surely that counts for a lot.

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