Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Insomniatic - Aly & Aj

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Ok, I know. It doesn't sound too promising does it? Two blonde teen sisters singing Disney Teen Pop is enough to turn anyone right off isn't it? And normally I would agree, but there is something borderline genius about the recent single from Aly & AJ, Potential Break Up Song.

Now I'm not one to say such a thing lightly, but it's good enough to be a Girls Aloud single. It's three and a half minutes are packed with more invention than you'll find in the entire Hard-Fi back catalogue and shows an exuberant personality not often found in American by-the-numbers pop.

Of course the real thing to ask is whether or not this is a one-off, or indicative of the new album as a whole?

Tracks such as Bullseye, Like Whoa and Like It Or Leave It prove that the brilliant single was not simply a one-off but sadly there are a lot of tracks that also show that overall they've not moved that far from their previous style.

In many ways that makes this an ideal album for their fan base. It's got enough of what you would expect if you liked what you've heard previously, but also shows just enough invention to keep those same fans hooked.

More, ahem, mature pop lovers may not need to concern themselves with this album as a whole, but there are a smattering of pop classics that will keep even the most cynical of listeners on their toes.

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