Sunday, August 19, 2007

How Can We Be Silent - BarlowGirl

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I don't know what it is recently with me and "Christian" rock. Following hot on the heels of Britt Nicole come BarlowGirl, three Chicago born sisters preaching the good gospel of abstinence from sex before marriage.

Musically this is out and out Evanescence territory. Indeed if you were to happen upon a song of theirs on the radio without any prior knowledge of who they were you might well assume that BarlowGirl were Evanescence.

Of course any closer inspection would serve to realise your folly. As much as Evanescence were championed as Christian rock at the beginning of their rise to fame I doubt they ever had a song like The Guy Song, which appears to be challenging us men to be the kind of people God intended us to be, or Keep Quiet, which seems to be admonishing those people who seem to find Jesus so offensive.

If you are a big fan of Evanescence then you'll probably mildly enjoy this album without ever really being able to get past the fact that its not as good as the band its aping. It's target audience will no doubt lap it up, the rest of us might struggle to come up with any genuine enthusiasm for the album as a whole.

Incidentally it's the most adventurous moment of the set that captivated me the most (or at all). One More Round hits you with a slinky Jazz back beat that elevates it from the pack and shows that with a bit of fine tuning, and an attempt to reach for their own unique sound, there could be a lot to admire about BarlowGirl.

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