Friday, August 03, 2007

Say It - Britt Nicole

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They tell me that Britt Nicole is "Christian" music. I'm glad they told me because by listening to Say It, you wouldn't particularly guess.

Some might prefer to label her the latest in a long line of Avril Lavigne wannabees who will never make a career out of this music malarkey. Indeed, a cursory glance over her mere existence would probably lead you down that path, but that would not be doing Miss Nicole any justice.

Becuase whilst there is no escaping the fact that this sounds a lot like Avril Lavigne and her ilk, there is plenty of evidnce that Nicole has the ability to stand out from the pack (although admittedly, how much this is down to her, and how much to her "team" is not something I can answer at this stage).

Sure there is a lot that blends into the "teen-pop" pack, but there are a smattering of genuinely catchy, knock-out pop moments on her debut album.

Sunshine Girl is the sort of radio-friendly pop ditty that you can imagine blaring out of your car stereo whilst someone like Fearne Cotton (shudder) babbles on about the ususal nonsense. Holiday has a slinky electro vibe, with a lovely string riff (or whatever you want to call it) and a positively addictive drum beat. Believe has the sort of chorus that would have teen girls across the world singing along.

Of course there is a fair amount of tracks that don't really go anywhere and fit the template a little bit too tightly to really become anything memorable.

Still this has enough good stuff to give it a reccomendation, if it sounds like your kind of thing. And lets face it, if Kelly Clarkson had released this hook-laden album instead of her recent one, she might not have to be apologising to Clive Davis on bended knee...

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