Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Else - They Might Be Giants

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Ever since the girl of my dreams inadvertently paved the way for me to buy Flood, the They Might Be Giants album with the superlative Birdhouse In Your Soul on it, I've always sort of liked They Might Be Giants without ever really paying any attention to them. I suppose that is just the foibles of modern life.

So it was with a certain restrained form of anticipation that I was looking forward to this album as I put it in the CD player.

It wasn't a feeling that lasted for long.

Don't get me wrong, it's not an awful record, just not a very good one.

There are indeed moments that would almost sit up there with the aforementioned Birdhouse; I'm Impressed is understated but undeniably catchy and Climbing The Walls is something Weezer would be proud of (if it was slightly beefed up a little). But there's too much generic geek rock on display to provide anything more than a sporadically, and moderately at that, interesting album.

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