Friday, August 24, 2007

Diamond In The Dark - Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles

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I don't know, you go years without reviewing a rockabilly CD and then two come along in succession. Although really, "rockabilly" doesn't really cover quite the range that Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles have on this album.

The Day We Met certainly opens up the album on a rockabilly bent, but before long we're onto the pop-rock cracker Stop And Think It Over (think Avril Lavigne with a genuine ear for a tune), the retro-traditional Country sound of False Eyelashes and the blues driven Open Up Your Back Door.

The lack of a real cohesive tying together of the album does make the overall listening experience more than a little bit chaotic but if an individual track fails to capture your attention then it's a case of don't worry, something completely different will be along in a minute.

Thankfully, most of the tracks ARE crackers. Borges has the charisma to pull off the chameleon approach, and backed by a tight backing group the end results are often something very special indeed.

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