Saturday, August 11, 2007

Super Taranta! - Gogol Bordello

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My fear before putting this album in the player was one that whilst Not A Crime was a sublime slice of punk-pop-gypsy rock (or something) and previous album Gypsy Punks was entertaining, if charmingly ramshackle, there is only so far the Gogol Bordello sound can go and, dare I say it, only so much this listener can take.

It's a fear that is partially, if not totally, dissolved over the course of Super Taranta!

When it hits the spot, it's hits the spot sweetly (although at the same time nothing quite matches Not A Crime). American Wedding is a wry look at the subject title ("nothing gets these bitches going, not even the Gypsy Kings" is one of my favourite lyrics of the year) and has me tapping my foot every time I hear it. And funnily enough another standout, Alcohol, could be a Gypsy Kings outtake (albeit one recorded by them whilst on crack) and humour obviously is a Gogol strength, as the title track proves with it's "attack" on Christianity ("second time I read the bible, I thought it was alright" sets up the track perfectly).

If you love accordions and fiddle then you'll be loving this. If not, you might want to take this in small doses. Myself, well I found it a good record but not necessarily one I'll have on repeat play forever and a day. As an album to dip into on a semi-regular basis though, this has it's undeniable charms.

The only thing left to question is Live Earth....WHY?


Anonymous said...

only tools say "whilst"

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Only tools whine about grammar.