Thursday, August 23, 2007

Black Cat Bone - Lee Rocker

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If I was going to do a Sam Beckett and travel back in time (ignoring the "leap within your own lifetime nonsense") the one place I would go back to, in a musical sense, would be the mid-late 50's and Sun Records. I don't know former Stray Cats member Lee Rocker, but on the basis of this album I'd wager that he'd gladly join me for the ride.

And I can also safely say that if you're one of those people that know Jerry Lee Lewis is The Killer and that Elvis' most vital work was done in those early days at Sun then this is an album that you're going to love.

From start to finish it's a rock 'n' roll delight.

He's just as good at tackling old classics (Bob Dylan's One More Night, Hank Williams' Lost Highway) as he is at churning out great originals.

For any fan of rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, twanging guitars and straight up rocking melodies, this is an absolute must.

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