Saturday, November 03, 2007

Better Than Blood - Megan McCauley

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If the cover of this album, and indeed its' title, suggests emo goth is in store, then Tap That, the lead single, from Megan McCauley's debut album initially defies that description. Indeed it starts off more like some attempt to mix Rap with P!nk (and if that's not a dreadful idea on paper I don't know what is), yet within minutes we're into the kind of chorus that sent The Offspring into the mainstream. And despite initial reservations, I have to say it's really rather good.

And so the experience of the album goes. Yes there are the Amy Lee cast-off's (Reverie, taken from the Fantastic Four soundtrack, is a case in point) but there is more to Megan McCauley than first impressions might suggest.

Wrong Way Out is the kind of uplifting anthem that could "save" Robbie Williams career (for the, erm, record, by the way I don't think his career needs "saving" - Rudebox was his most inventive and interesting album) and if it's in danger at times of veering a little too close into Anastacia territory its saved by an uplifting and soaring chorus.

Labelling Migraine as Nirvana with a female singer might be pushing the point a little too far, but you get the idea, whilst I'll Pay You To Shoot Him (a true tale of McCauley telling police officers to "deal" with her Father) shows that she cuts the mustard lyrically as well.

Some people probably won't be able to look past the album cover (although some people may well be enamoured by thoughts of a busty redhead) and that's a pity. McCauley proves on this really rather good debut album that she's a talent to be reckoned with.

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