Friday, November 09, 2007

The Very Best Of...Diana Krall

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If you've heard of Diana Krall then you'll know instantly whether this is the CD for you or not. If you haven't heard of her, or only know her as Mrs Elvis Costello, and feel in the mood for a bit of mellow jazz then you might be well advised to put this on your shopping list.

Fans would probably never agree over which 15 songs should have made the cut from her 14 year career (and consider that three of those are brand new Krall recordings) but on the whole I think it does an excellent job of cherry picking some of her finest moments.

Particular favourites of mine include Peel Me A Grape, Frim Fram Sauce and Let's Fall In Love. Of the new tracks, the only bad thing I can say about them is that it's a pity that Only The Lonely isn't the Roy Orbison classic.

If I was entertaining this weekend, this would be the CD being played as the soundtrack.

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