Friday, November 02, 2007

Delta - Delta Goodrem

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I did like the lead single from this album, In This Life.

Indeed, I have a soft spot for Delta, for no real apparent reason, and whilst I would never suggest her albums are brilliant, they always contain enough to keep me going.

Delta, her 3rd album, is pretty much the same.

Yes, as the single showed, there is a slightly "edgier" slant on occasions but for the most part its just as you'd expect; good but not great.

The one real exception to that is future single, Believe Again. If the people of Britain didn't hate her for taking McFadden away from Kerry Katona, this would have number one written all over it. It's comfortably the best thing she's ever done and even if you don't feel like you can stomach the entire album, at the very least check that out if you can.

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