Friday, November 16, 2007

Greatest Hits - McFly

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It would have been easy to dismiss McFly as just another one of those dreadful boy bands when they first hit the airwaves. The problem was that debut single, Five Colours In Her Hair was one of those undeniably catchy pop tunes that you hear once and then have it lodged in your brain for days.

Of course it would be remiss of me to suggest that all their songs were as catchy, or as good, as that one but it's by no means the only McFly song that stands up remarkably well.

The likes of All About You, Obviously and Please Please were all perfectly good pop songs too. And if they lost their way with attempts to prove they were a "serious" musical act on albums two and three (it can't be a coincidence that Ultraviolet and The Ballad Of Paul K don't make it onto the regular version of this album) you have to say that their attempts at being serious musicians come out better than you'd expect, if never quite convincing you enough. Hell, I'd take them over James Blunt any day of the week.

Any anyway, one of them has "done" Lindsay Lohan...I've got to respect that.

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