Friday, November 23, 2007

Hits & Rarities - Sheryl Crow

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Just what you wanted isn't it? ANOTHER Sheryl Crow hits compilation. Ok, so the unkind amongst you might suggest that this is preferable to a new collection akin to the underwhelming Wildflower album, but closer inspection reveals this is merely a stop-gap until her new album hits the shelves in early 2008.

On the plus side it is more comprehensive than the last one (witness the inclusion of Tomorrow Never Dies for a start) but that also means that we have to put up with a guest appearance by the ever lovable Sting.

It's difficult to slate the album in terms of its quality, although it is a definite step down from the "Very Best Of Sheryl Crow" given that it adds on some less than stellar tracks. As for the second CD of rarities, it's a decent addition to your Sheryl Crow collection, but not in any way an essential one.

If you've not got a Sheryl Crow album in your collection, this, at least in terms of value for money, is the better compilation to buy. But if you've got the last one this is of no value whatsoever.

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