Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spirit - Leona Lewis

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It's a year since Leona Lewis was taken to the nations bosom, or some such nonsense, as the winner of the 2006's X-Factor. If we're to listen to Simon Cowell it's been time spent making sure that Lewis will be a long-term superstar, globally, rather than cashing in on the one album made whilst her success would be in the minds of the record buying public and then pushing her off into oblivion.

Whatever you choose to believe on that respect the one thing they haven't really done in that twelve months or so is get her some tunes.

First off, irrespective of your feelings on how she was "discovered", there is no denying that she's got a great voice. The problem is that a lot of the time it's surrounded by melodies and tunes that even Des'ree might reject as being a little too bland. Indeed I can't help but think Lewis is missing a trick by not doing a version of Life.

Anyways...Occasionally, such as on the recent single Bleeding Love, we get a glimpse that if she was hooked up with some top notch producers this could have been something reasonably special. As it is, they've pitched her somewhere between Westlife and the worst bits of Whitney Houston. And neither side of that equation is particularly enticing.

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