Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Because I Love It - Amerie

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Some people, when accused of reviewing a disproportionate amount of releases by females on their website might go to the other extreme and start reviewing CD's by, you know, men. Not me though. ;-D

Amerie's second album (Touch) was pretty much two good singles (One Thing and Touch) and a multitude of filler. And at this point I might as well come clean and admit that I've never heard her debut (and indeed until researching this review had now idea she'd done two previous albums). Because I Love It however addresses that imbalance...and then some!

I was in the minority it seemed when declaring my love for Beyonce's B'Day, but I doubt I'll be in the minority when I say that this is very good indeed.

Lead single Take Control was fantastic enough but it's not even close to being the best track on here. That honour goes to the wonderful Crush (not the Jennifer Paige song ;-D) with its instantly memorable piano melody chained to irresistible, and distinctly 80's, synths and a nagging drum beat. And that's before we mention the killer voice. Believe me we should all be hoping that Aguillera is listening and taking notes on how to really make use of her voice.

Other tracks that delight totally include Make Me Believe, featuring perhaps her best vocal performance (and that's saying something), the 80's sounding "Annie Gone Hip-Hop" Make Me Believe and the funky Crazy Wonderful.

There is, of course, the odd moment that doesn't quite work, namely Hate 2 Love You and the dull balladry of Paint Me Over, but for the most part this is a fresh sounding album which may well have Beyoncé running for cover. Indeed whilst Beyoncé may have done certain songs on a par with tracks from Because I Love It, she's never quite pulled of an album with this much sustained brilliance.

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