Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hey Eugene - Pink Martini

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How can I really categorise an album delivered by a 12 piece orchestra from Portland, Oregon that features songs not only sung in English, but in Arabic, French, Japanese and Spanish? Or an album that swings from Broadway-esque musical to Brazilian samba via a little bit of funk?

Well whilst musically I may not be able to categorise it, I can tell you that it is a bloody brilliant album.

The album is a mix of original and reworked songs, indeed Jazz legend Jimmy Scott turns up for a spot on Tea For Two, a song first recorded in 1925. It's a testament to how good and how fresh the album sounds that the uninitiated wouldn't automatically be able to detect which are the originals and which are the covers.

My favourites include the swaying Italian rhythm that is Tempo Perdito and the genuinely humorous and toe-tapping Dosvedanya Mio Bombino. But if the reviews prior to it's release heightened the expectation for the album, listening to it proves they were right to champion it. It's not going to be to everyone's taste but anyone looking for a fresh, unique and, most of all, fun experience need look no further than this.

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