Monday, May 07, 2007

Single Releases 07/05/07

There are only two tracks I can reccommend today.

Take Control by Amerie is fantastic, and is better by about at least 50% than anything Beyonce has ever done that isn't called Crazy In Love.

Poison Prince by Amy MacDonald is the only other track this week I feel like mentioning. And to be honest I think that it's lucky everything else out there is rubbish this week. I mean the lyrics (a less than subtle, and slightly cringeworthy, dig at Pete Doherty) are laughable at times and whilst it's reasonably catchy can you actually say that when you first listened to it that you got the sensation that, say, listening to KT Tunstall for the first time gave you? It's passable and shows promise, but as of itself it's nothing to get over-excited about.

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