Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Your Crazy Ex Girlfriend - Miranda Lambert

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Yes, more country and western music. Don't worry, I'll keep it brief.

Lambert found fame on Nashville Star (the sort of Country music American Idol), although she didn't win the thing. Still mixing her traditional sound and her not exactly ugly looks with a genuine talent for song-writing and more than a little of that all important attitude, it seemed like there was a winning combination to unleash on the record buying public.

And in many ways there is, but is the music any good? Her second album suggests that it is...most of the time.

There's no doubt that when Lambert lets rip, such as on Gunpowder & Lead or the title track, her blend of, humorous, aggression and grittiness can provide a winning formula. However it's a trick she tries a few too many times, to ever decreasing effect. Indeed it's perhaps telling that the real stand out track on the album, Dry Town, is a more traditional honky-tonk sounding song. It also has the catchiest and most memorable chorus.

Her ballad's are also of little consequence; they're not bad but lack that little something that would set them apart from the plethora of similar tracks on hundreds of albums every year.

Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is not a terrible album, but neither is it the great album the best tracks suggest it could have been. Still you could do a lot worse.

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