Monday, May 28, 2007

Single Releases 28/05/07

Hello and welcome to the bank holiday special. I doubt many of these singles take the actual bank holiday Monday as the actual official release date, but let's face it, what does it actually really matter any more?

Anyway, let's crack on.

Ana Matronic takes over lead vocals for the new Scissor Sisters single, Kiss You Off. For me it's the same as my feelings on the latest album. It's alright but doesn't pack that punch that you got from them the first time around.

Despite my new found love for Rogue Traders, I would have to admit that their new one Way To Go only just scrapes it to "passable".

The Twang are, quite frankly, shit.

As strange luck would have it, Au Revoir Simone release Sad Song as a limited edition 7 inch vinyl this week. It's good stuff.

I think that new one by Rhianna is a bit shit too. But then again, nothing she has ever done since, or indeed ever did before, will ever be as good as SOS. She should give it up now.

I am not at all keen on Mutya Buena's debut single either. It's just not that far removed from anything that the Sugababes would do, so thus actually becomes pointless. Still it will likely out sell Soibhan's efforts 100 to 1. That's life huh?

Hasn't Regina Spektor released On The Radio as a single at least once before? No matter, it's still a fantastic song.

The new Modest Mouse and LCD Soundsystem singles are pretty good, but don't exactly excite me in a "great single" kind of way.

Sod this, I'm off for a pint.

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