Thursday, May 24, 2007

On A Clear Night - Missy Higgins

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When most around me where raving about Missy Higgins' The Sound Of White I remained sat in the corner, chunnering to myself that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, was far too pedestrian as a whole and laughing ever so slightly at her comedy Australian accent.

With On A Clear Night shows both improvements in some senses from that album and proof that I'm going to be of exactly the same overall opinion this time around as well.

Again there are a couple of standout tracks, although nothing to compare with All For Believing or Ten Days from the debut album. Going North is almost a country/folk number which really connects with the listener whilst the gentle strum of The Wrong Girl reminds me of Laura Veirs at her best (which to me is very good indeed).

And whilst I must also say that the casual shift in emphasis from the jaunty feel of The Sound Of White to the more moody, and guitar driven, attitude of this album is a winner, it still isn't enough to make the album as a whole a winner. Like it's predecessor its patchy and far too one-paced to really captivate me.

The talent is there, but so far the application of it has fallen short.