Sunday, May 06, 2007

Brand New By Tomorrow - Money Mark

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Back in 1998 I had one of my "moments" and bought the then new Money Mark album, Push The Button. It was great but I never heard anything else of him since. Now, nine years later he releases what is his fourth studio album.

And it's completely different to what I recall Push The Button being. It's also nothing like his work as the unofficial fourth Beastie Boy would suggest either.

He's an accomplished and professional performer and this somewhat tender and, dare I say it, Jack Johnson-like album is easy to listen to. (As it's released on Jack Johnson's record label the comparison is less disingenuous than it first seems). But like Jack Johnson's work the simplicity for simplicity's sake doesn't wash with me.

It's perfectly acceptable as background music but lacks the vitality and excitement to be anything more. Somewhat of a disappointment then. Still, if you're sitting there thinking "but I like Jack Johnson" then you'd probably find something to enjoy here.

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