Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision Fallout

So Russia didn't win.


I got it slightly wrong with the winner didn't I?

Serbia's answer to Tracy Thron, Marija, treats us to an epic power ballad.
A power ballad that all of a sudden goes all Enya on us. You'll probably need a
piss-break by this point anyway.


I also wasn't exactly brimming with confidence for the runnners-up Ukraine either.

Imagine a world where the idea of melding Crazy Frog and Aqua together is seen as a good idea in terms of creating contemporary pop music. Well thrown in some Baltic accordion and you've pretty much summed up what this sounds like. Need I say "avoid like the plague"?

Although in fairness, i did always maintain it was daft enough for Eurovision.

As for the UK, we've Ireland and Malta to thank for getting any points at all. Still, blaming "politics" is no real excuse Scooch. Your song was rubbish but, crucially, not rubbish enough to be good in a funny way.

And Serebro are in the I-Tunes top 100 so it's proof that they were the best thing about the whole show. Mind you, three sexy Russians singing about their "bitches" and other saucy couldn't go wrong with that!

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